Chiropractic Testimonials

"After a week of treatment, I was able to walk again! I came in with severe pain in my right lower back, it became to the period where I couldn't walk! I was determined to inquire out professional help. I made an appointment with Dr. Nick. He was very helpful and took X-rays, he was able to explain to me my situation. Everything is in his office no need to go to a hospital. ”

- Yessica A.

“I was recommended by my sister to come here since I have been always complaining about my back pain and feeling numbness to my feet due to the extreme back pain I was having. I came in for a consultation and I was shown an X-ray of the way my hips were so unbalanced (something I had already notice that I lean so much towards my right side) it was amazing to actually see that what I was feeling was an actual problem along with how my neck was also not in the proper position it should normally be. It was an incredible experience to see that my back pain wasn’t just back pain, I had answers to my pains and numbness to my feet (pinched nerves) due to the way I was. My results in about a month have been amazing, I have been feeling so much more energy, NO BACK PAIN! (I lived not know what not having back pain was in a long time) no numbness to my feet THANK GOD!!!”

- Karen C.

“Dr. Nick is awesome! 3 GREAT THINGS HAPPEN SINCE I STARTED WITH HIM... 1) I've been terrified to get an adjustment. Dr.Nick helped so much by taking his time and explaining everything to me. 2) I used to have horrible migraines... like EVERY DAY. Dr.Nick explained what might be causing the pain and in my first week of getting adjusted I HAD NO MORE MIGRAINES. I've been dealing with migraines for 2 years and it went away immediately. Thank you DR.NICK! 3) Dr.Nick and his team are super friendly!! This is a HUGE PLUS!!"

- Daniel D.

“If I could give more stars I would. Nick and his team are healers, and I honestly look forward to my appointments. They’re very understanding and will even work with you if your insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care, like mine. Highly recommend it to anyone who is having should and neck pain as well as rounded shoulders and bad posture.”

- Stephanie H.

"Great, caring, and knowledgeable staff!! I came here 6 weeks ago desperate for help in pain management and better movement. I went from debilitating pain to getting back to a regular exercise routine with very little pain in my movement. Along with proper adjustments I was given the tools to maintain this day in and day out."

- Kristin B.


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